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Basques Hardwood Charcoal


As some of you may know, grilling and barbecuing on charcoal is not just another way to prepare your food.  In fact, most of the time, if turns an ordinary day into a happening.  The smell of burning sugar maple charcoal tends gives it that addtionnal special taste that no other wood can attain. 

This site will not only inform you on our product but give you the necessary information on the art of grilling and barbecuing. You will also find a number of recipes, a section on equipment and cooking methods plus a helpful list of suggestions, hints and tips. We hope, if it’s not done yet, introduce you the art of cooking on hardwood lump charcoal.


Who we are...

Established in the Lower St-Laurence town of Saint-Mathieu de Rioux, Basques Hardwood Charcoal has been making natural lump charcoal for more than 30 years. Through those years, it has developped the know-how necessary to produce a high quality product looked for by chefs, barbecuers, grillers, and caterers in major markets in North America such as Boston, Montreal, Toronto, New York, Hartford and Washington..

It has recently developped new distirbution in Georgia (Atlanta) and in southern Ontario (Brantford and Windsor).

A convenient list of distributors is available where you will be able to find our brands, better know as Basques Sugar Maple Charcoal and the Nature’s Own Lump Charcoal.

Basques Hardwood Charcoal owes its success to a combination of a precious knowledge and know-how combined with a supply of high quality raw material, primarily sugar maple hardwood logs and some yellow birch.

Hardwood charcoal is considered to be carbon neutral. We harvest our logs within government regulated methods. We only use part of the logs which are unusable for any sawmill.

We have recently seen a growing interest in natural hardwood charcoal as a choice for grilling and barbecuing. This is due to many reasons but especially to the taste that hardwood charcoal gives to your meat added by the natural smell and aromas of our wood. And the special ambiance a hardwood charcoal fire gives to your meal.


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