Charcoal grilled corn


A dozen corn cobs (with leaves if desired)
One bag of Basques Hardwood Charcoal
Paprika or Cayenne pepper, if desired
Mayonnaise or sour cream, if desired
Parmesan, if desired


Save ¼ of the leaves from the corn (shuck ¾ of the surface). If you have the stem, keep 10 cm of it. Remove all hairs. The leaves will protect the corn from the direct heat of the grill. If your corn is already shucked, you’ll need to keep turning it, never leaving it on one side for too long.

Soak your corn in lightly salted cold water. Place it directly on the hot grill with leaves facing downwards. Keep a close watch, the kernels colour very quickly. Place the cobs on the grill for an even cook. The leaves often dry out and burn, it’s a sacrifice that must be made to protect the kernels. The cobs will only take a couple of minutes to cook.

They’re ready once the kernels develop a slightly darker colour or are grilled on the surface.

Take the hot corn off the grill and baste with mayonnaise (or sour cream), scraping off any excess. Make the most of the sticky effect of the corn and roll it in a mixture of parmesan and paprika or Cayenne pepper.

Serve as is with paper towel. We’re sure your guests will want seconds!

Bon appétit!

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